CHILDE | Gig Guide (September 4)

About halfway last weekend something shifted. Did you feel it? It was around the time Pist Idiots kicked off King Street Crawl at 12:30pm on Sunday maybe? I think they call it Spring, and it really 'sprung' up on me this year. Sorry. Seriously though, spring is good because that means there's pretty much a festival every weekend from now until the end of Blues Fest. Woohoo!


West End Fest w/ Step-Panther, Flight To Dubai, Arse, The Nugs, Liquid Face, Los Pintar, Ascott Stabber, Research Reactor Corp

Wollongong has been getting treated to some seriously good live music of late, and this weekend is no exception. With some hard hitting action coming to Dicey Riley's punters are guaranteed a sore neck on Sunday. Step-Panther have been making occasional out of retirement appearances lately, which is awesome, and they'll be headlining the afternoon of excellency. With a few Sydney bands making the short trip down the coast like Flight to Dubai and Arse, they'll be saving Wollongongians the usual journey, while Liquid Face and Ascott Stabber will be making a real rare appearance that far south, so if you haven't had a chance to see those two bands yet, make sure you step in on Saturday because they are a couple of acts seriously on the rise.

Saturday, September 7 @ Dicey Riley's Hotel, Wollongong


Rhysics w/ Charging Stallion + Jungle Cuffs

One of Melbourne's favourite socialites and music makers, Rhysics, is going to be recording this weekend's set for a little cassette. How exciting. So if you love Rhysics, good music, or the idea of being on someones cassette without having to be in anyway talented, this is the perfect gig for you. Loveable larrikins Charging Stallion will be there too, and they're good at making you want to hug them and sing along to their songs. 

Friday, September 6 @ Yah Yah, Fitzroy


Crafted Festival w/ The Delta Riggs, Wharves + Seaside

 Queensland might implode after this weekend. So much Qulture! See what I did there? After an enormous week of Big Sound in Brisbane, with some of the best upcoming acts this country has to offer all playing numerous sets and shoulder-rubbing with industry-types and then this! Just an hour south, on the dreamy beaches of the Gold Coast, there's a fancy beer festival going down. With some class acts to ease you through some of the more hoppy drops. Sydney rocker, The Delta Riggs, have been putting on excellent live shows for yonks now and are a dream match for such an event. Also in the mix are Northern Rivers bands Wharves and Seaside. All in all, it's a pretty well curated evening, not bad for the Gold Coast!

Saturday, September 7 @ Beachside Broadbeach, Gold Coast


C.O.F.F.I.N w/ Research Reactor Corp, Ascot Stabber, Gee Tee and Nuggs

One of Sydney's most raucous are putting one hell of a gig this Friday. It's basically a festival. Look at that line up. If there's more than four bands on a line up, I feel that it should have to be called a festival. So basically, C.O.F.F.I.N are putting on a festival this weekend. Main supports, Research Reactor Corp, comprising of main COFFIN man Benny on drums, are worth a case study really. They sound like if GG Allen joined Devo. What an image. Can you imagine GG Allen, naked, poop down his chest, with one of those funny Devo hats on. As ridiculous as that sounds, it somehow works. Anyway, be at this gig Sydney people.

Friday, September 6 @ Kelly's on King, Newtown


Private Function

Uh oh, Private Function are coming. One of the wildest and most entertaining live bands going around, Private Function are hitting a couple of shows up north after they tear through Big Sound, making every industry suit feel naked, ashamed and possibly ill. As part of their St. Anger tour they're backing themselves on a big double whammy playing an afternoon show at Vinnies Dive Bar before crossing the border for some action at The Northern. What a day. Hey, we might even go to both gigs, who knows. 

Saturda, September 6 @ Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast, (Matinee)

Saturday, September 6 @ The Northern, Byron Bay (Evening)


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