CHILDE | Gig Guide (August 7)

One of Australia's finest front men (and soccer commentators), Damien Lovelock, passed this week, taken way too early. In his memory I reckon we should all head down to our local noise making venue, have a couple of beers with our good friends and support some local music. There's some great stuff on this weekend... here's our picks -

Pinheads w/ Bitch Diesel, New Age Group + 2 Stroke

Wollongong have spawned some great bands in the past decade, none finer than the one and only Pinheads. These guys play a very unique and recognisable brand of rock'n'roll, part Iggy Pop, part time machine, they have spread their sound and gained fans all over with their intense stage show and raw sound. It's been a big year for the Pinheads, dropping an incredible debut album and rocking stages over in the USA at SXSW. Their first week of tour kicks off this week and they're are popping it off with a bang. Joining forces with the massive Bitch Diesel vs 2 Stroke tour as well as inviting New Age Group along for the ride. I hope Marrickville is ready!

Saturday, August 10th @ Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney


The Buoys

These lovely ladies have gone from strength to strength, quickly building a solid following and an impressive catalogue of singles. They're hitting the road to celebrate the release of their latest single "Gold". Easily my favourite song yet, The Buoys are really narrowing in on their sound and their art. As it has come to be expected from these girls, the single comes with an excellent music video featuring cameos from some of Sydney's finest up-and-coming music makers. So Sydney music lovers, head down to their gig on Friday and send them off in style to their biggest tour yet.

Friday, August 9th @ Waywards, Sydney


Civic w/ Swab, Muzzle + Floodlights

Civic are one of the best bands to have recently brewed up to the surface of the highly crowded melting pot that is the Melbourne music scene. They have quickly established their own sound, taking hints from the scene they have come from, mixing it with The Strokes and something else I can't quite put my finger on. They've released and album, an incredibly impactful EP and most recently a ripper single. To celebrate this new single they're playing a show at The Tote before they head off to destroy stages over in Europe. Coming along as it is with all Melbourne shows, are a number of excellent supports. 

Friday, August 8th @ The Tote, Melbourne


Bitch Diesel + 2 Stroke w/ Liquid Face

This head to head, Melbourne ass-kick on wheels tour continues this week in Byron Bay. Bitch Diesel + 2 Stroke stuck it to Brisbane last week and thanks to Howl and Moan Records, they'll be treating us Byron fans to a mid-week show at The Brewery on Thursday night. Bringing along one of the Northern Rivers' finest acts, Liquid Face, there will definitely be more than on liquid face, by the end of the night. It's not often that we get two ripper bands from down south in the same night, so pop along!

Thursday, August 8th @ The Brewery, Byron Bay


Crocodylus w/ Soy Band

Northern Beaches reptiles Crocodylus are popping off a home show this weekend for all the lucky local punters. These boys are heading off overseas soon if I'm not mistaken so would be worth seeing them before they blow up world wide and you can never afford to see them again because they only play exclusive sold out shows at the Opera House with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra... 

Friday, August 9th @ Parkhouse, Mona Vale

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