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Flying like a disco drenched juggernaut out of the freshly thriving Sydney scene, Vast Hill have been turning heads and shaking booties over the last couple years, solidly stamping their spot at the top of dreamy-synth pop music makers. We love their sound, style and all round vibe. With a big year under their belt and an even bigger one on the horizone, we flung Vast Hill a couple of questions to grab a bit of context.
What is Vast Hill and how did it start?
Vast Hill is our duo originals project with. Featuring Elle on vox and keys and Adin on vox and guitar.
We've always been fans of the 80s. The music, the movies, the fashion. We've been writing songs together for a while but mainly started when one day we watched the movie Drive and heard Electric Youth and thought "hmmm, we like that..." *YOINK*. 
Although Sydney has been labelled a bit of a cultural wasteland since the lockout laws, there seems to be plenty of good music coming out of there, particularly over the past couple of years. 
Are you guys from Sydney originally? And have you noticed changes in the music scene?
Poor old Sydney. We're both locals and have seen a massive change over the last few years. Although it's had its ups and downs, we reckon it's starting to pick up again over the last year or so. It's been a challenge but. Especially when all the power is with some complaining resident who wants to see the joy sucked out of everything. 

You guys have a deliciously 80's, synth-inspired sound. Where does this come from?
Well we're huge fans of vintage and new gear. Most of the time our approach is to write a song on an acoustic instrument and then synth-ify it afterwards. So you have that real kinda element to it. 
Our Roland Juno inspired Logic plugin is pretty much what you hear on all our recordings. 
Who are some of your favourite groups in Australia at the moment?
It's funny but now more than ever we're noticing a huge renaissance with awesome indie and local bands writing absolute amazing material. So many but we're huge fans of Georgia June, I Know Leopard, Not A Boys Name, TILDA, Froyo. For absolute powerhouse rock, we're loving Battlesnake, and Southern River Band. 
Your music videos kick ass. Do you guys have much to do with putting them together?
Thank you! We can't take 100% credit for coz Michael Chow (who also produced our upcoming album) is the man behind all the magic. We have rough concepts and organize outfits + theme, but he's the one that makes us look good. You know we've had something to do with it when there is a dog making an appearance in the clip (or at least behind the scenes). 

Any up and coming Vast Hill related news we should know about?
Oh yeah! 2019 will mark the year we released our first album. Its called More Than You Imagined and comes out in early October. We'll be sliding around the east coast in November to play some shows for ya'll.

We don't wanna be a tease too early, but you heard it here first folks, we may or may not be currently working Album numero dos. If we were though, maybe you'd even hear something new during the Album tour. ;) 

We also caught up with them in Sydney a few months ago and got them to flaunt some of their favourite Childe shades at the iconic Oxford Tavern for us... check it out.

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