We recently hit Sydney over the Mercedes Benz fashion week to see what’s good in the hood and who has the style on eye. 
We caught a few fashion shows including P.E. Nation, Double Rainbowand Pared
Eyewearwhich were all amazing and inspirational in their own right. 
We managed to drank some vino, martinis and whisky sours and later met with Arizona and Sydney babe Megan Mackenzie to take a spin across the city in her white 1960’s vintage Mercedes convertible. 
Megan was oozing style with her stark red nails, infectious smile and rock n roll vibes.
The next morning we combined Megan’s ultra cool car and personal wardrobe with some One Teaspoon threads and CHILDE sunglasses to shoot our latest c ampaign - Arizona Sydney
We captured Megan's hot vibration as we watched the sun rise over the city and danced on the roof of buildings until we were chased off by security guards. 
Newtown is the epicentre of Sydney cool right now - micro breweries, cool bars, asian food, burger joints, vintage shopping and eclectic style. 
The now infamous Young Henrys Brewery is at the heartbeat of this movement. Down to earth, artistic and plenty rock n roll they have captured the local Newtown perfectly in their aptly named Newtowner beer.  
On this glorious day Newtown was buzzing and we decided we could be Newtowners for a day too.
Hell if Young Henrys could name a beer after the Newtown vibe then we could define our persona for the day by the quality of their local beer.
Naturally we drank a few schooners with Oscar at his eclectic Young Henrys Brewery, played pinball, hit the vintage stores and ate lunch in the park with Shelly from Tupperware Party on her break from work at Happy Mag. 
We circumnavigated the neighbourhood to capture the local street art vibes and soak up the sun while Megan previewed our 2019 "Ouroboros" sunglass collection

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