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GOONS OF DOOM - Black Skull Bong 12"

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Goons of Doom are the Australian kings of surf trashing, beer smashing, logic defying rock’n’roll.

We dare say that many of your new favourite bands went to a Goons gig as a young salt drenched grommet and at some point during the set thought “Fuck, I wanna do that” and then started a band. Nonetheless there will only ever be one true Goons of Doom.

This year they released their first ever vinyl for their brand spanking new album “Black Skull Bong”, we reckon it’s one of their best albums to date, and god damn it sounds good on wax.

We’ve teamed up with the Goons maniacs to offer you a complimentary “Black Skull Bong” vinyl with any of our Bio-Acetate collection.

Lucky you! Limited stock, so get in quick.