Natural Light with Jess Ruby James

Earlier in 2020 Jess Ruby James photographed a stunning social campaign for us with a couple of her Byron mates Lily Guthrie and Marli Maddison.
Her use of natural light to highlight a persons natural features is exceptional.

We caught up with the West Aussie girl for a chat about her flourishing photography career and her new north coast NSW lifestyle.

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Hi Jess
Where do we find you today?
Byron Bay, tucked away at Roadhouse with a delish Long black

Where are you from originally and where do you live now?
I’m originally from Perth, WA but now living in Bangalow, NSW

What do you love about each place?
The space

Lily by Jess James for Childe EyewearLily in the Mookhi by Jess Ruby James

How many times do you eat Avo on toast a week?
Nearly everyday currently, It’s a sick joke how much money a day I’m spending on Avo toast, but dang its worth it.

What star sign are you and how does the full moon influence your zodiac characteristics?
I’m a Taurus! I’m not too sure, I just tend to not sleep and have a lot of energy.

How is 2020 treating you personally so far? Any highlights?
As much as its been a testing year for everyone, hard and scary at times – personally its been the best year for me, I took some time to step back from chasing a career and worked on myself (mentally and physically) and have really come into a nice place. I think moving up to Byron and creating a space which compliments all aspects of my life has really been a highlight.

Who inspired you to become a photographer and artist?
There hasn’t been one person/ thing in particular, I guess its just an accumulation of different things that have lead me down this path.

Lily Guthrie by Jess Ruby Jameslily Guthrie for Childe Eyewear by Jess Ruby James

Over the past 2 years you have definitely become an outstanding emerging photographer to watch. What do you feel has been the turning point or light bulb opportunity moment in your career to date?
Oh thank you! I think I was really lucky with certain people whom I met within the last few years, who have taken chances on me and given me creative freedom. There hasn’t been one thing that was a light bulb opportunity, rather just a progressive unfolding path.

We had the pleasure of working with you recently. Your portrait photography and film work is simply stunning and is certainly a unique artistic aesthetic you have developed as your “look”.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From everywhere, I just really enjoy capturing an image then seeing how far I can push it from a 2 dimensional image and give it another meaning.

Lily Guthrie in the Childe Folsom sunglass by Jess Ruby James

How would you describe your unique aspect on people and light within your images?
Hmm I’m not sure?! 99% of my photos are natural light, and I think that allows me to also capture people in a pretty natural way – keeping it really raw and real.

Marli Maddison by Jess Ruby JamesMarli in the Mookhi by Jess Ruby James
Do you have a favourite muse or situation to create the magic?
Less is more!! If its just me and the model that’s my favourite, when you can just chat and get to know them, its a lot easier to get what you want out of someone when they are comfortable and relaxed. Within that convocation you can also figure out parts about them and see/shoot them differently from other models.

Do you have a favourite fashion brand or style aesthetic?
I have a mixed bag of style aesthetic, but anything that is comfortable, easy and is doing the right thing in terms of ethically and environmentally

What did you enjoy about creating the Childe images on this day?
Getting to hang with Lilly and Marli

Byron mates Marli and Lily by Jess Ruby James

What should Australians do to be more aware and consider the Black Lives Matter movement?
Educate your self!!!! No one is exempt, we are all part of the problem.

It’s exciting seeing your creativity evolve. Do you have any personal projects in the pipeline?
Yes, I have a few things I’m currently working on!

Any words of wisdom for emerging creatives?
Work hard, be curious, don’t compare.

What’s a fun in the sun day look like for Jess?
Surfing all day with friends, then sunset vino back on the farm, YEP!

Thanks Jess. It’s a pleasure to know and work with you. Have a great day.

Lily Guthrie by Jess Ruby James_ _Lily in the Childe Mookhi by Jess Ruby JamesMarli and Lily by Jess Ruby James fro Childe Eyewear 

All photos featured by @jessrubyjames of @lilyguthrie and @marlimaddison for Childe Eyewear

Thanks to Coco at

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