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Childe Live Lounge July 9 with Seaside, The Oogars and Honey Hayze

This edition of the Childe Live Lounge features some Australian sweethearts - local Byron Bay band Seaside, The Oogars from QLD, and Sydney's Honey Hayze.  The show begins on Instagram Live at 8pm AEST on July 9 2020, so you'll want to allocate a little time beforehand to make some dancing space in your lounge room, and plug your mobile into your TV for the ultimate viewing.

Seaside are first off the mark at 8pm and will warm your heart with vocalist Darcy's dreamy, angelic voice paired with their dance-y, indie sound. Joining her are bandmates Chris, Tom and Frog on drums, bass and electric respectively. Tune into their Instagram Live @heyseaside at 8pm.

The Oogars follow Seaside at 8:15pm from their home straddling the QLD/NSW border with a collection of moody surf rock/tough pop tracks.  Vocalist / Guitarist Gemma Owens, Bassist/vocalist Emily-Grace Lawlor, Drummer Daniella Cassimatis and Vocalist/ Keys/ Guitarist Tanisha Cook are known for their high energy performances, so buckle up for this one.  Head to their Instagram Live @TheOogarsat 8:15pm to watch their set.

Honey Hayze have the final slot at 8:30pm. Earl, Luke, Rory, Gus and Lachie have a penchant for groovy tracks infused with Doors-y vocals and sexy saxophone. We heard a whisper that the sax will make an appearance to really spice things up.  Tune into their Instagram Live @honeyhayzeband at 8:30pm. 

The Childe Live Lounge is an initiative to support positive mental health. @beyondblueofficial and @oneeighty_inc are our go-to when we or someone we know needs some extra support.

Join us this Thursday in the live lounge to bring the good vibes and pump up the volume. Watch the shows at each bands Instagram LIVE:

8pm Seaside at @HeySeaside

8:15pm The Oogars at @TheOogars

8:30pm Honey Hayze @HoneyHayzeBand


About Childe Live Lounge in support of positive mental health

We started the Childe Live Lounge on Thursday evenings to provide positive support to mental health during COVID lockdown to provide a light, fun, happy experience via live music performance through Instagram. We were all going a little stir crazy and mental health was setting in due to overthinking, financial stress, social anxiety, lack of human interaction, and confined spaces with people you found uncomfortable to be around. These are all totally normal feelings but also feelings we like to have control over so we don't get overwhelmed.

Listening to live, honest music brings good vibes and helps to overcome negative or overwhelming feelings so we wanted to enable musicians and artists to share that experience in the easiest way we could with you. Via our brand platform, we enabled the community to come together and enjoy the tunes.

The response we’ve had has been very inspiring and people want to see it continue beyond lockdown so now we provide it once a month or whenever it comes together. 

We hope you enjoy the show and as a brand, with a voice and platform, we intend to do much more to help you, our friends, and the local communities with events and actions that provide fun and positive inspirational energy to create positive mental health patterns.